No Wedding No Womb FAQ

My youngest baby girl, Emma

  • What Is No Wedding No Womb?

No Wedding No Womb is a primary call directed to the black community to take action against the rampant births of children who are born without physical, financial and emotional protection.  It is a call for accountability for both MEN and WOMEN to be mindful of the huge responsibility and privilege they have when bringing a child into the world.

NWNW is a double entendre.  The phrase has two meanings.  The primary meaning of “wedding and wedded”, of course, is the marriage ceremony.  The secondary definition means “devotion.”  I chose “womb,” because that is the life source of children, it is the place that feeds, protects and nurtures the child.

  • Does No Wedding No Womb Seek to Bash Single Mothers?

Absolutely not.  NWNW calls for both MEN and WOMEN to put the needs of children first, and advocates that couples abstain from having children until they are emotionally, physically and financially able to care for them.

  • When you say, NWNW, are you saying that everyone should get married?

In my opinion, marriage is the ideal. It is our opinion that it is the ideal situation for raising children. Statistically children thrive in two-parent homes versus single-parent homes.

We understand that not everyone will agree with this point of view, but this is what we advocate.  However, it is of the utmost importance that it is understood that in no way are we advocating marriage as the panacea for social ills with the black community.  If marriage is out of the question, NWNW parents are “wedded” to their commitment to their children, providing daily emotional and physical nurturing.

  • Is this just another abstinence program?

Absolutely not.  Studies show abstinence programs are largely ineffective.  NWNW is not one of them.  How you express your sexuality is not our concern.  There are over two dozen forms of birth control available. We strongly advocate the use of birth control in all sexual engagement before and after marriage.

Are you bashing black men?

No.  We realize there is a problem within the black community given the 72% out of wedlock birthrate.  As it is, it is our mission to encourage black men to active role in the parenting of their children, or more importantly be cognizant of the fact that their role of fathers is paramount to the success of their children and in turn, the black community.

  • When you say, “No Wedding No Womb!” are you advocating that women get abortions?

No.  We are advocating for women to think more of their bodies and their future children BEFORE sperm meets egg.  I’m advocating for men to STOP spraying their seeds all over The Creation.

  • Aren’t you being  judgmental?

No.  I see a lot of finger-pointing and fire breathing from men and women, blaming each other for the mess we’re in.  If those people would look down at the child looking up at them for a moment, and take into account the damage being done, then ask what the child needs to thrive, the question of judging flies right out of the window.  As my friend Roslyn Holcomb said, “Children thrive in families.  Period.  Full stop.”

  • What gives you the right to do this?

I’m a baby mamma’ LISTEN TO MY MISSION: 65535 NO WEDDING NO WOMB-2.’  I do this for my daughter, and my daughter’s daughter, and all the children of our future.