Film Maker, Faith Diggs: “Rejected Seed”

Take a preview of this thought-provoking trailer, “Rejected Seed,” created by film maker and songstress, Faith Diggs.

You would never guess how it ends…


Movie is available to purchase for $4.50 for 30 days at Enter in the title, “Rejected Seed” and click on streaming.

About Faith

Faith Diggs a Chicago-based Screenwriter, Songwriter, Director & Producer graduated from Whitney Young H.S. in Chicago. She went on from there to Northern Illinois University in Dekalb, Illinois to study journalism. However she had a greater love. She decided to put aside the thought of journalism and go with her passion, creating writing. She left NIU University and transitioned to Columbia College in Chicago.

Faith was featured in “Grace Today Magazine” in 2008 with Michelle Obama on the cover. That same year, Faith was featured in “Rolling Out Magazine” with celebrities such as “Diddy”. One of her songs, “Pastor’s Wife” received rotation on WGCI Radio Station in Chicago from Effie Rolfe radio personality. In July 2010, she directed a music video for Floyd Taylor, son of the late R&B legend, Johnny Taylor. The song is titled, “All of You, All of Me”.

A film, “Abused Authority” written, directed & produced by Faith has been viewed by “LIONSGATE” Distribution Company. They requested the opportunity to view any film that she does.

Faith started her business, F.A.I.T.H. Productions in the year of 1998 as a Consultant in the Chicago Public Schools. She was invited to implement some of her writing in the Chicago Public School setting, interacting with youth. Deemed by an Educator as a great writer, she was encouraged to introduce scriptwriting to young people. She has written & produced several productions such as, “The Story of Madame CJ Walker“, “Dare To Dream” & “Keep Reading.” She’s written, directed & produced several theater productions such as, “Ongora” a children’s stage play, “Deceived”, a one woman’s stage play and “When Evil Comes Knockin”. All three opened in 2000 at the Fine Arts Theater in Chicago. In 2003, she wrote a gospel stage production in which she wrote and produced a thirteen song soundtrack to go along with the play.

One of Faith’s endeavors in 2007 included the feature film, “Abused Authority”. It was viewed by LIONSGATE, MGM & New Line Cinema. “Abused Authority” is about a crooked cop who abuses his authority in many forms from domestic to framing his partner and physically harming citizens. It was shown at the renowned Ice Theater (Chatham Theater) in Chicago, March of 2008 and the Bronzeville Film Festival in Chicago, June of 2009 & June of 2010. It is now being distributed by Indieflix Distribution Company.

Faith Diggs has also written & produced a love song titled, “Covenant” which depicts the ups, downs & intimacy in marriage. The song is in her latest movie, “Rejected Seed” a short movie which was submitted to BET, “Lens On Talent”. The song is performed by Faith Diggs and Vernard Burton. Vernard has been featured in many of Hezekiah Walker’s project. Faith produced a music video for “Covenant” that is now on YouTube. Simply put in her name, Faith Diggs and the word Covenant to bring it up. Faith sang the song at the Regal Theater in Chicago in December of 2008 and became one of the finalists in a contest titled, “Stepping Into The Spotlight“. Faith is working toward pitching her music video, “Covenant” to BET, TV1 and several other major networks. The song, “Covenant” is available through digital sales on, where it can be downloaded as an mp3 or ring tone. She is now working on a CD titled “Covenant” where she has added four more songs, “Treat Me Right”, “Love Don’t Cheat”, “Step To Unwind” and “Delicious Love”.

“Rejected Seed” Faith’s latest movie was submitted to the BET “Lens on Talent” short film contest in November of 2009. Go on Youtube and view 13 minutes of the movie. The entire movie can be streamed by going on You’re able to create an account by giving your contact info if interested in being a subscriber of Indieflix or simply click streaming to stream the movie where it stays on your computer for 30 days to watch. She recently submitted the movie to The Gene Siskel Center for the “Black Harvest Film Festival” and the Bronzeville Film Festival in August 2010. She will be producing a reality television show which is a spin off of the movie, depicting lives of people that have been rejected by their fathers. Faith is looking for aspiring filmmakers, writers, directors, producers, even actors who will like to add scenes to her movie “Rejected Seed”. Filmmakers whose work is most impactful and plot-driven will assist Faith with the second phase of the reality show. The second phase will deal with real people who have experienced being rejected by their fathers and show how it’s effected them in a negative way, possibly causing incest (because of not knowing father) causing great bitterness. The Show is titled, “Hearts of the Fathers”. She is also in development of producing a film program with Joe Smooth who has produced music tracks for Universal Records, groups and singers such as “Destiny’s Child”, Joe, Omarion and others.

Faith Diggs was featured in an interview with Ellen Miller, Author of “The Hidden Heiress”. The television show titled, “Solo Parenting” aired in Florida, December 18, 2010 and was shown nationwide on satellite.

Faith is now in the process of developing a script titled, “Steps of A Mastermind” which will feature some of the greatest names in song and film. Keep an eye out for this Rising Star, a great Filmmaker, Songwriter, Artist and Producer!


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