Google and the Play Store offers, when will they all pay attention to us?

On more than one occasion, we have provided Android Help with information in which offers were known in the Google Play Store, either in applications or other content (such as music). But, the truth is that not even half of those that appear in the US matrix arrive, which ends up being annoying for many since they cannot enjoy the actions that the Mountain View Company does.

The case is that this comparative grievance is not understandable, since there are the most striking options that cannot be accessed from countries such as Spain, so the damage exists. An example of what I say is that today they have known a good number of titles from the store Play Store  that have a very important discount and can be achieved by only 0.10 cents, and in our country nothing at all. Bad, very bad Google.

As you can see in the Google Play Twitter message, the offer is announced and, if you click on the corresponding link, a fantastic screen appears indicating that the address is not found. Therefore, if you want to get Power Ping Pong you have to continue paying 4.99 euros or if you are interested in In Fear I Trust , you have to pay 2.99 €. This is simply disheartening and has to change.

This is the result of developments that are part of the offer in Play Store and that you cannot get with the discount that has been announced:

  • Dead Space
  • Monopoly
  • Need for Speed: Most Wanted
  • Blood stroke
  • Contra Jour
  • Fleece Lightning
  • Harry the Fairy
  • In Fear I Irust
  • Incredible Jack
  • Power Ping Pong
  • Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk: Double Trouble
  • Spider Jack
  • Wake the Cat

It happens constantly

And this is not an isolated issue, since on more than one occasion I have seen offers of complete albums, films and, of course, applications that do not reach our country. Google has the capacity and sufficient power for developers to open their hands so that what they get in the US arrives in our country (and many others), and in this way treat us the same as those who live in the US. It is enough that the Nexus models always arrive later at our borders as, in addition, this policy of users of several levels in the contents is maintained.

Google Play Store Logo

As I said, Google can certainly avoid what I have said with your Play Store, another thing is to do it and put interest in it. The fact is that, again, we are without an interesting offer to be officially with titles, many of them games, which surely more than one serve to spend good times and take advantage of your Android terminal. Do you think?

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