How A Massage Chair Works?


The heart of the chair is the engine. It provides energy to the rollers, knots and the setting of functions. The motor must turn so that the massage chair can massage you. That’s why it’s so important to have a quality motor covered by a warranty, because the life of your wheelchair depends largely on the engine.

The parts massaging the body

Apart from the engine, there are also other essential parts in the massage chair. The knots and rollers mimic the movements of a massage therapist’s hand. They come in various sizes and being very precise, it is thanks to them that we can target any part of the back or the body.

Recent models of massage chairs offer more complex movements than the vibration of old models. A massage chair can tilt, knead or roll. For example, the chair performs kneading (works the fabrics lengthwise by stretching them) imitating the movements of the hands on the back and the body.

The massage chair also has rollers, which are small wheels that move from top to bottom of the back and spine. Generally, the vipmassagechairs have a minimum of 8 rollers, and depending on the model, they can have up to 18. However, the number of rollers does not guarantee the efficiency of the chair is the quality of their movement. It is the movement of the wheels that will determine the type of massage we will receive.

The settings

In newer models, seat adjustments are the rule. A person must feel comfortable in the massage chair before receiving its benefits. The chair must adapt to all sizes and body to perform. In addition, the new chairs count with more pieces that reach every part of your body, like a real massage. Opt for a massage chair with several adjustment options if it will be used by more than one person.

On the other hand, recent massage chairs offer settings that go beyond the simple adjustment of the seat. Now you can, with a remote control, adjust the intensity and speed of the massage or target it to the part of the body that you want. If you want a more intense or fast massage, just change the settings again with the remote control. Do you have low back pain? Do not worry, most massage chairs offer the option of lower back massage.

Massage chairs are complex machines that mimic massage. Understanding how they work will help you decide which one best suits your needs.

How to choose your massage chair?

Now that you know the benefits that massage chairs can bring, you probably want to know who can use them. In fact, massage chairs are usually designed for people of 1.55 m on average. So, if you are taller or smaller, we recommend you try the chair before you buy it. Ask the seller to show you how to adjust the position of the knots and rollers so you can make the most of your chair. Some brands like Panasonic offer armchairs that, thanks to a sensor, automatically adapt to your waist at the shoulders when you sit down. If you are taller than 1.83 m or if you have knees, hips or lumbar spine, then do not buy a low and close-to-the-ground massage chair.

What are the characteristics of a good home massage chair?

Buying a massage chair can be a major investment. This is why it is essential to do some research before starting. Choosing a massage chair must be done according to our needs and our budget. Wondering what our needs are before buying a chair can help us make the right choice.

A massage chair is specifically designed to stimulate pressure points in your body and relax your muscles. A well designed massage chair must relieve pain and provide complete relaxation. The two most common types of armchairs are Shiatsu armchairs and Swedish armchairs. Shiatsu chairs use a series of movements (pressure, tapping, more intense strokes and movements of bearings and rotations) to stimulate the pressure points of the body while the Swedish chairs apply kneading movements.

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