Klarque Garrison: What’s a Community to Do? Babies Having Babies

Klarque Garrison

Host of “the Conversation” blog talk radio show


There seems to be a unique disconnect in our community when it comes to teens having babies. I recently, did a program on my talk radio show about “Why are our babies…having babies”? We barely had anyone call in for comments. I most certainly was perplexed by the notion that we’ve become so de-sensitize by this epidemic that no one thought it was an issue! I don’t have to announce statistics to make you believe it is (I’ll let others do that), what I challenge you to do is go to the mall this afternoon and look around yourself. You’ll see a number of teens pushing strollers around without the least bit notion of what it really means to be a mother. What will this mean for the next generation to come?

Do I have a solution? Nope, but I do have a starting point. Ladies, let’s close down the “Candy Stores”! That’s right, I would love to travel around the country and teach girls how and why they should put a “NOW CLOSED” sign on their candy shops. However, the real issue is after they close them what will they replace their time with? I purported that teens have sex to fill in the gapping gap from not having a true sense of family love and because they are just plain…bored? Let’s give the girls and boys something productive to do. I don’t know….maybe…perhaps; they could plan for their futures? Now, that’s a novel idea! Do not give me that “most of these teens live in poverty so they don’t have any real future, crap” I’m simply not buying it. I don’t have to recall the number of successful men and women who have come from urban America (OPRAH…ok maybe just one)!

The work has to be done and someone has to do it! A friend of mine just called to discuss with me the tragedy of Troy Davis being killed by the state of Georgia (even though several of the witnesses against him recanted their statements leaving a doubt of his guilt). Yet, in spite of these recent findings, he was executed yesterday. My friend was upset to say the least, so I was his sounding board for complaints. As I pretended to listen to every word, I wondered what “HE” was going to do about this travesty. I’m a firm believer if you want something done, get it done yourself. We have to stop relying on Government programs to educate our youth because they don’t work (at least not in the way intended). The real work has to be done by those who care and are affected by the problem. By the way, that would be me and you. So let’s get to work! And No Wedding, No Womb is a hell-a-va good start!!!

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