Must Read! “Why Black Girls Get Pregnant at 19″

I’ll tell you one thing straight. I’m a young black woman. And I got pregnant at 19. And at 17. And at 16. You think once would be enough to let a young chick like me know that protection is important and not something to play with. But the reason why I’m pregnant and so many other girls have fallen into my footsteps is because I had no real dreams for myself.

Grades weren’t a thing in elementary and middle school. You got As for dressing out in physical education class and for coming to homeroom on time. I spent a lot of my time in class not really learning anything from teachers who weren’t really teaching anything.

What middle school guys and girls didn’t talk about sex or giggle at the slides of vaginas in health education class? I know I did. My hips were getting a little wider and I was starting to develop a chest. The boys liked it. And I liked the attention.

I liked the attention so much that I allowed it to become my world and all I knew. School didn’t matter to me anymore. All that mattered were spending countless nights on the phone talking to more than one  guy at  a time and acting like I was the ish. And dressing like I was the ish. All the paychecks I earned at Subway went toward buying hot clothes and shoes at the mall and making sure I looked sharp from head to toe. I earned enough in class to pass and get promoted to the next grade and I found a little time to be the baddest chick on the step team. However, if you had asked me when I was 16 what my passions were or what ambitions I had, I would have told you nothing but making money, being popular, and boys. Seriously.

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