Pathetic! More Challenging of the Truth by Folks Who Refuse to See the Obvious.

I caught wind of the University of Michigan study just released that reported 59% of African American women have more than one father for their children. With 73% of black children born out of wedlock, why is anyone surprised, much less defensive about this?

Before I continue, I am a mother with two different fathers for my four children. My oldest child has a different father than my other three.

The first thing I read from a black interest publication is an accusation that Michigan is somehow being racist and singling out black women for stating the obvious. Again, nobody, I mean, NOBODY is good enough to tell black people when their poop stinks. Not Barack Obama. Not Bill Cosby. And no census, study, research body will ever give us pause to change our behavior. It’s just easier to blame um…EVERYBODY…heck…ANYBODY but ourselves.

This kind of mollycoddling and denial is just disgusting. And it’s the reason we’re in such bad shape. So many of us feed off of being victims, and despite decades of evidence, we’re still sticking our fingers in our ears, covering our eyes, and shouting our mouths off instead of facing WHAT IS TRUE.

And the enabling of this attitude by high-profile African-American news publications does us a disservice, and makes me wonder if they truly have our best interest at heart, or if they just want to give victim hood-hungry readers more reason to continue suicidal behaviors for ad dollars.

Funny, but when statistics come out about how many black men are in prison, I don’t see black-interest news outlets questioning the validity of those studies, or that highlighting such facts is “picking on black men.”

And before I hear one more idiot say, “Well, white people do it too!” I think I’ll scream.  Only 22% of white women have multiple fathers.  Hispanic women, 35%.  Again, we eclipse the bunch by almost 60%.

If we don’t stand up and face the truth, we will be doomed.  So keep complaining and quibbling over stats while we all go to Hell, just so long as you don’t feel bad.

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