Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk v.1.18.10 for android!

Robbery Bob – An interesting game that combines several genres, namely puzzle and arcade with elements of stealth, that is, stealth, in which the player will play for the good for nothing thief named Bob. According to the plot, the main character went to prison from which one stranger helped him out, who, as it turned out, was also tied up in the criminal world. Pay for salvation will be work, which is also associated with crime, namely, Bob will rob rich homes that will indicate the same mysterious stranger.

The game Robbery Bob 2 Mod Apk for android contains quite a lot of locations that are divided into levels. Each level is a house into which Bob, with your help, must penetrate and steal the given objects there, and this must be done in a certain time and very secretly, and then leave the house with these objects. With each level of the house will become more, therefore they will be more rooms in which there will be tenants. Residents move along a certain trajectory, you need to take this into account and in time either hide, in different places, or try to move to put them off so as not to be detected.

By default, the main character moves on tiptoe, but there are times when you have to run, for example, if tenants find you, otherwise you will be caught, and the level will have to be started anew. The larger the house, the harder it will be to rob, so in the game store you can buy additional bonuses that will help you in passing. For example, by running a toy mouse, Grandma will be frightened and start catching it, but in the meantime you will do your business, or by putting a not quite fresh donut on the table, which the owner will eat, will force him to go to the toilet with an upset stomach, thereby making your way to the jewelry.

In the same place in the store you will be able to improve the parameters of your thief, improving cunning, stealth, speed and skill to rob. For the successful completion of the level, you will not only have to collect all the specified items, but at the same time do not attract attention to you and keep within the specified time. The graphics in the game are cartoon and quite beautiful, at home we can see from the top, so you can freely look at the whole interior and instantly figure out what needs to be done at a certain moment.

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