Video (Open Forum): Are Some Men Impregnating Girls for Free Housing?

Christelyn is married with four children.

I was going to let this video stand on it’s own, but a “friend” on Twitter, I kind of consider him my ‘Jiminy Cricket’ gave me this to consider:

He refers to one man in the video: “I got 4 baby mommas; been shot 5 times. Streets taught me how to be a man.” The full quote underscores a dismal paradox of street survival, namely the logic of having several places to lay your head; creating those homes by impregnating young women. This survival tactic’s taught, and reinforced in the streets. Hey, it works. But it also replicates the problem. (How) Do you address this in your literature? “

Well honestly, I haven’t…yet. It never occurred to me that some men may impregnate women so they have a place to rest their heads. If anyone has suggestions of whom I should speak to about this, please let me know.

But here was Jiminy Cricket’s bit of advice to young girls, and I’d also like to share it with you:

To our young girls: “No, he’s not interested in you or having your baby. He only wants your housing situation. Don’t be his Holiday Inn.”



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