Whole Canvas Diamond Embroidery Kit

Diamond embroidery is the latest trend in hobbies and crafts

The diamond embroidery kits are composed of an adhesive canvas with a printed diagram, a clip, a cup, a pen and small ” diamonds”

Based on the same concept as mosaic and paint by number, diamond painting uses small “diamond” facets. Simply, place the rhinestones according to the corresponding number and you will end up creating colorful patterns, full of relief and brilliance.

DIY 5d diamond painting kits by Number Kit, Full Drill Rooster Hen Chicks Cross Stitch Embroidery Arts Craft on Canvas Wall Decor NE home

Add more pleasure to life – The DIY Diamond Painting can experience a sense of accomplishment, learn to reduce stress, emotional adjustment, improve self-confidence and perseverance cultivate patience, the elderly and children are adapted. Size of the canvas 35 x 45 cm.

Canvas wall decoration – High transparent oil painting on canvas is waterproof and even texture, the matrix itself has a sticky bottom and plastic protective film to keep the picture sticky, so you can easy to complete table.

Super Flash Diamonds – Magic Diamond Square contains 17 sections and will never fade, more clear and shiny than resin diamonds.

Unique Beauty and Fashion Design – If you think your home’s decor is tasteless and ordinary, our cross-stitch diamond paint kits can help make your drawing, bedroom and other places come alive.

DIY generation steps – in front of the pack similar precious stones in the plate, at that point take the “plume” embed the square glue gently, abandon some glue on the pen, at long last get the jewel and spot it on the relating number on the Web.

Further information

You have the choice between different kinds of Diamond Painting. It suits you, but the result is always extraordinary.

Diamond painting of the partial type: the canvas contains motifs, or it is partially colored. You will add the rhinestones to highlight important reliefs. For example, take the image of a cat (like the diamond painting of “Cat is scary” which is a cat wearing glasses). The hairs are drawn, but you will stick rhinestones on the whiskers, the glasses and all that shines. There is diamond painting for children. In principle, they are of the partial type, to give the taste of art to the child.

The complete diamond painting: here, the canvas contains no pattern, color or final shape. It shows only the color codes on which the diamonds must be placed. The work is therefore more complicated and requires more time. Nevertheless, as the relief is equal over the entire surface of the canvas, the result is much better than on a patterned canvas.

Diamond painting is a new art, but the principle already existed in mosaic embroidery. It is an exercise that helps us to have the taste of patience, precision and perfection. There are children’s diamond painting kits on the market. This is a fun hobby even if the idea is to start from an existing image and follow the color codes guide. In any case, we are blown away by the result.

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